Thursday, December 14, 2006

Journal of interest 

I know that time is at a premium for many librarians, and to suggest that busy rural librarians add more to their reading piles could be considered by some to be a tad presumptuous. Having said that, I would still like you to go have a peek at the Journal of Rural and Community Development. This is a peer-reviewed open-access online journal focusing on the areas of rural and community studies.

The articles do tend to be long-ish and are written in an academic style, which may be off-putting to some. But, even just glancing over the table of contents and article abstracts of the current issues (two issues have been published so far - the planned schedule is two issues per year) can give you a sense of some of the issues being considered and studied. For example:

This journal will be a good tool in helping us see where the local library can have a role in rural commuity development.

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