Thursday, June 16, 2005

CLA Conference session - Blogging & RSS: Applications & Technology

I registered for the Technology Track portion of the conference which consisted of three sessions. I missed the first one ("Keeping Current: Gadgets & Tools") because the keynote presentation by David Snowden - which was excellent, but dense (I'm still mentally digesting it) - ran long and I didn't have the guts to wander into the session a half hour late. So, I started my technology "track" with this session, which got off to a wonderfully ironic start with a cranky internet connection and a laptop that crashed a couple of times. But the panelists - Darlene Fichter, Randy Reichart, Aaron Schmidt, and Steven Cohen - merrily soldiered on. It was a really fun session.

Some of my takeaways:

Aaron's and Stephen's presentations were rendered as a website and blog, respectively. I appreciate being able to immediately go back and review the presentation online, without having to download a ppt or doc file. Lovely.

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Here I am at CLA...

...in beautiful Calgary, Alberta, which also happens to be my hometown (so, of course I'm not biased). CLA sent out a call earlier this week asking for volunteers to blog the conference. I didn't respond, mostly because I'm not sure how consistent I will be (note the spotty record so far). But, I'll do my best.

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